Copywriting & Copy editing


Copywriting and SEO

Content is a key part of promoting both your brand and website. A newly designed or revamped website may have a fresh design with forward-thinking branding, but without content to drive the message home to your audience, you may as well have a blank page.

Our copywriting and SEO services are able to dynamically increase your companies profile while also creating content that puts you at the forefront of your industry. Creating individual pages, knowledgeable articles and informative blog pieces, all of which can help you attract a specific type of client and ensure people see you as a leader in your desired field of expertise.

What can our writers do?

Blog Pieces

One-off or a series of informative articles which can help you become a leader in knowledge and expertise in your chosen market.

News and Announcements

Do you have some news to share or a company announcement? We can put together a press release for your big event.

Social Media

We’re able to advise and create social media posts to share for any marketing campaign you’re putting together.

Landing Pages

Creating dynamic content in order to attract a specific audience.

Informative Articles

If a blog post isn’t enough, we can put together a more lengthy piece of content that will involve dedicated research and an in-depth article on your chosen topic.


If you have content for your site already but require a thorough read over and touch up for web.

Why is copywriting good for SEO?

Having well put-together articles and blog posts is one of the fundamental pillars of having good SEO. Years ago, people would put together any old piece of work and Google would treat it the same as a well-written piece from a seasoned writer; but now, things have changed.

Google will prioritise well written and relevant content, meaning that in order to stay competitive at the top of Google and other search engines, you’ll need great content that people want to actively search for.

Strategies Express can aid with this by creating this content for you. We’ll discuss your needs and advise you on the best strategy in order to make positive moves. From here, we’ll research and create the agreed content before reviewing, publishing and promoting.